Wi2Wi Announces Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module WE7220B0 addressing low power IoT applications

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2016/ Wi2Wi Corporation ("Wi2Wi" or the "Company"), a leading global developer and manufacturer of wireless connectivity solutions, high precision frequency control, timing, and microwave filter devices, is pleased to announce a Low power BLE module WE7220B0, the first product from its embedded series of products.

WE7220B0 module with integrated antenna provides everything required to create a Bluetooth low energy product. It integrates Low Noise Amplifier, Power Amplifier, RF switch, Baluns, baseband, crystals, filter, Microcontroller, qualified Bluetooth v4.1 stack, allowing reduced design cost, complexity, and faster time to market for the customer. With a Packet-by-packet automatic gain control, this module allows the end system to work with improved performance, even in a high interference environment. The best in class small form factor, and cost effective WE7220B0, using advanced power management features and consuming <1uA of current in dormant mode, with enhanced range, and low latency data transfers, is ideal for a range of applications, including in-home medical devices, home automation devices like smart switches, smart plugs, smart remotes, temperature, humidity and air quality sensors, and wearable health and fitness sensors like step counters, pulse monitors, heart rate monitors, and blood pressure monitors that can run for months or even years on a coin cell battery, or even on energy harvesting.

By completely integrating all the needed hardware and BLE software stack with ATT, GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP profiles and sample applications, WE7220B0 will simplify BLE system integration to the point where even those with little software or Bluetooth expertise can develop fully functional applications very quickly, and substantially reduce the time to market and product cost. The production units will be fully certified for FCC, CE, and IC and comes with out of the box integration tools with all the required protocol stacks, extensive software libraries, and sample applications. Productions units will be available by late 3Q2016.

"We are really excited to announce WE7220B0, a single mode BLE module with antenna, with industries best form factor, performance, and power consumption. WE7220B0 can be used by our customers in a myriad of IoT applications like wearables, lighting, and sensors, with fast and easy integration, which reduces their development cost and time to market," said Ramesh Duvvuru, VP of Engineering and Wireless Connectivity.

"We are excited about the release of WE7220B0 which addresses the low power and cost effective BLE solutions the industry is demanding. WE7220B0 is the first product in our highly anticipated embedded series of products," said Zachariah Mathews, President and CEO of Wi2Wi.

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