About Us

Wi2Wi is a specialized electronic component supplier with expertise in all aspects of frequency control devices as well as in wireless technologies. Wi2Wi’s Precision Devices brand of products has earned a premier spot in numerous key markets including avionics, aerospace, industrial equipment, government and the US military applications. Specifically, our frequency control products, as well as our RF and microwave filters are best-in-class and of the highest quality.

At Wi2Wi we pride ourselves on our customer focus and responsiveness. We know that the best long-term strategy is to relentlessly serve our customers, both large and small, each and every day in order to provide them with an outstanding experience.

Wi2Wi’s design center, as well as our state-of-the-art manufacturing and operations facility are located in the heart of America’s industrial belt in Middleton WI. Wi2Wi can deliver specific solutions using our in-house design and manufacturing expertise, as well as leveraging our tier-1 global partnerships with numerous industry leading silicon and wireless technology suppliers.

We are proud to serve hundreds of the world’s top companies with our made-in-America products.