Smart Home & Building

Wi-Fi, BT & WiFi+Bt Combo Modules for Smart Home/ Building Automation Applications/Products

Security, convenience, economics and focus on environment is driving user to adapt to Smart Home and Smart Building rapidly. The advent of smart devices, affordable sensors with wireless connectivity and variety of cloud based applications are making the Smart Home a reality. In Smart Home, one can remotely monitor the entire home for security, monitor and control HVAC, appliances, devices and lighting for conservation and convenience. In smart office buildings, HVAC systems and lighting can be monitored and controlled from a central location for security and conservation.

Wi2Wi's low power and high performance modules enable these Smart Home and Building applications with robust security, ease of integration, deployment and management.


  • Smart door locks
  • Video door bell
  • SmartSensor for Smoke and Gas Leak
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Smart HVAC
  • Smart Appliances