Bluetooth/BLE | MCU Embedded Bluetooth Modules

Bluetooth LE modules from Wi2Wi is a family of MCU Embedded - ME series which are self-contained, low-power, and certified modules enabling Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to any embedded device. These highly integrated modules are embedded with Bluetooth stack compatible with bluetooth 4.2 and API's related to configure the BLE 4.2 Module and also accomodate the application to make it a stand alone BLE (Bluetooth Smart) module. These Fully self-contained module with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 stack simplifies the work of adding BTLE connectivity to the products on one of the smallest footprints available. These BLE/Bluetooth modules are targeted for low power applications to connect to smart phone, tablets and similar bluetooth smart enabled devices. These Bluetooth low Energy modules are highly featuristic with very small factor and integrated MCU. These standalone ble modules are able to support both hostless operations with applications running directly on to the microcontroller in the module, as well as hosted operations utilizing an existing microcontroller in the system via a serial UART interface. This standalone MCU with embedded BLE modules are specially targeted for Battery-powered sensor devices. These robust and reliable Bluetooth LE with MCU modules are packed with efficient power management architecture which will extend battery life from months to years. Bluetooth low-energy master and slave stack are integrated which can be used for 2-way communication with any other standard btle enabled deivces. The on-board memory enables a quick firmware upgrade, including over-the-air (OTA).

MCU Embedded Bluetooth Modules

Module Protocols Antenna Dimensions Certification
Bluetooth 4.1/BLE On board Chip Antenna 8 mm x 12 mm x 1.85 mm On going