WiFi 802.11 acbgn + BT 4.2 (Smart Ready) Module with MHF4 IPEX connector
WM828CC6 - (dual band wifi + bt + ble Module)


WM828CC6 from Wi2Wi's Maximum Performance series is a Hosted Dual-Band Wi-Fi (802.11 ac/a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.2/BLE (Dual-Mode) Multi Protocol, Combo Module with integrated MHF4 IPEX connector. This Wifi plus Bluetooth co-ex module is a highly integrated subsystem that includes integrated MAC, baseband, RF front-end, PA, crystal, switch, filter and OTP memory for calibration data and MAC address storage and offers High speed SDIO 3.0 host interface for easy connection to all leading 32 bit processors running Linux operating systems. The ultra-small form factor Multi-Band module, WM828CC6 gives Industry's Best in class performance for very high throughput (VHT), high transmit (Tx) power, excellent receive (Rx) sensitivity. This ultra-low power Wi-fi + BT combo module supports deep sleep and standby modes for low power operations. The integrated Bluetooth 4.2 with LE specifications enables the new ecosystem of low energy Bluetooth Smart devices which can be tethered to the Smartphones and other consumer devices for new and emerging applications. This Combo Module is FCC, CE and IC certified and comes in extended temperature grade; -30°C to +85°C.


  • Ultra-Small WiFi+BT+BLE, multiprotocol module: 13 mm x 11 mm x 1.86 mm
  • IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n Dual-Band Wi-Fi
  • 20/40/80 MHz Channel Bandwidth
  • Very high throughput up to 300 Mbps
  • Support for Station/Client Mode, Access Point Mode, Wi-Fi Direct Mode and Simultaneous Station and Access point mode
  • Maximum transmit power up to 18 dBm
  • Single Power Supply 3.3V
  • SDIO can operate at 1.8V /3.3V operation
  • Drivers available for Linux
  • Bluetooth 4.2, BLE (Dual-Mode/Smart-Ready)
  • Fully integrated co-existence solution
  • Support for SDIO host interfaces
  • Compact, robust design for easy integration
  • Optimized RF and electrical design for excellent performance
  • Supports Extended Operating temperature range (-30°C to +85°C)

Block Diagram

  • FCC
  • IC
  • CE

Module Variants

WM828CC6 Module
  • Ultra Small
  • 13mm x 11mm x 1.86mm
  • MHF4 IPEX connector & RF Pad
  • SDIO interface
M.2 1216 (NGFF) Module
M.2 1216 (NGFF) Module
  • M.2 (NGFF) LGA Type 1216
  • 12mm x 16mm x 2.16mm
  • MHF4 IPEX connector
  • SDIO interface
M.2 2230 (NGFF) Module
M.2 2230 (NGFF) Module
  • M.2 (NGFF) 2230
  • 22mm x 30mm x 2.66mm
  • MHF4 IPEX connector
  • E-Key card
  • SDIO interface
  • SDIO 1.8V/3.3V selection
  • On-module sleep clock
  • On-module LDO
  • Power, Wi-Fi, BT status LED
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • IIot (Industrial IoT) / M2M (Machine-to-Machine)
  • Imaging platforms (printer, digital camera)
  • Internet enabled consumer devices
  • Video streaming (DTV, DVD/Blu-ray players)
  • Video conferencing, Vo-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi)
  • wifi enabled security cameras
  • Home audio/video system
  • Hands-free audio
  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Warehousing and logistics handhelds
  • Medical imaging and monitoring equipment
  • Gaming platforms
  • Mobile routers (Mi-Fi) or Mobile Hotspot
  • Smart homes
  • Smart energy


Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11: ac/a/b/g/n, Dual-Band(2.4, 5 GHz)
Available Channels: 2.4 GHz: Channels 1-13
5 GHz: Channels 36-155
Channel Bandwidth: 20/40/80 MHz
802.11b Data Rates: DSSS Modulation: 1 and 2 Mbps
CCK Modulation: 5.5 and 11 Mbps
802.11g Data Rates: OFDM Modulation: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 54 Mbps
802.11ac/n Data Rates: up to 86.7 Mbps for 20 MHz channel
up to 200 Mbps for 40 MHz channel
up to 433 Mbps for 80 MHz channel
Other 802.11 Features: 802.11d/e/h/i/k/r/u/v/w
Bluetooth Version: 4.2, Classic (BR/EDR) + Low Energy
Bluetooth Data Rates: 1Mbps: GFSK Modulation (BR)
2 Mbps: 4-DQPSK Modulation (EDR)
3 Mbps: 8-DQPSK Modulation (EDR)
MaximumTransmit Power: Wi-Fi: 18 dBm
Bluetooth BR: 10 dBm
Bluetooth EDR: 8 dBm
Bluetooth LE: 10 dBm
Receive Sensitivity: Wi-Fi: -98 dBm
Bluetooth EDR: -93 dBm
Bluetooth LE: -90 dBm

Antennas & Connectors



WADB-2458-23-SMAM Datasheet

WADB-2458-23-SMAM is dual-band, omni-directional, multi-position, dipole antenna with an SMA Plug (SMA Male port).

Part Ordering: WADB-2458-23-SMAM

Connector Cable

Connector Cable

WACC-MHF4-SMAF-100-113 Datasheet

WACC-MHF4-SMAF-100-113 is an antenna connector cable with a SMA Female port on one end and a MHF4IPEX (HSC compliant) Female port on the other end.

Part Ordering: WACC-MHF4-SMAF-100-113


Evaluation Kit

Part Ordering: WM828CC6-EVK6
The WM828CC6 Evaluation kit is a Wi-Fi plus BT & BLE combo evaluation platform for the WM828CC6 Dual-Band (802.11acabgn) WLAN + BT4.2 (BLE) module. This WM828CC6 wireless LAN + Bluetooth classic & Bluetooth Low Energry Multi-band module along with other supporting passive components is mounted on the Evaluation board which is designed as SD card adapter to directly insert into various Microprocessor development platforms or Laptops without any extra connectors. This Multi-Radio module evaluation board was used for performing FCC, CE and IC certification and the same can be used to perform the RF tests for any regional certifications like TELEC, KCC, Anatel, etc. The Kit comes with Multi-Protocol wifi+BT module Evaluation Board, a Micro USB to USB cable and a 2.4 & 5 GHz Rubber Duck Antenna with MHF4 IPEX connector cable. A complete software driver support for Linux and all related collaterals will help the user to evaluate this hosted Wi-Fi module and integrate into their end system with substantial reduction in their RND efforts, resources, budget and supports faster time to market.

WM828CC6-M2-1216-EVK6Part Ordering: WM828CC6-M2-1216-EVK6
WM828CC6-M2-2230-EVK6Part Ordering: WM828CC6-M2-2230-EVK6

Development Kit

The WM828CC6 Development kit (WM828CC6-DVK6) is a plug and play system. It enables customer to evaluate, integrate and develop software for their end system. The Kit comes with WM828CC6 Evaluation board, i.MX6 development platform, all necessary accessories and tools. The related collateral explains one click demo program and other sample programs which customer can leverage to their end applications.

Part Ordering: WM828CC6-DVK6

Drivers & Documentation

Particulars File Version Size Last Updated
Product Brief WM828CC6_Product_Brief.pdf 1.1 245 KB 12/07/2018
Data Sheet WM828CC6_Datasheet.pdf 1.05 1.02 MB 01/21/2021
Evaluation Kit Flyer WM828CC6-EVK6_Flyer.pdf 1.1 652 KB 06/23/2017
Software User Guide WM828CC6_Software_UserGuide.pdf 1.02 1.41 MB 06/23/2017
Hardware Integration Guide WM828CC6_Hardware_Integration_Guide.pdf 1.0 2.1 MB 05/19/2017
Drivers WM828CC6.LNX.PROD.1.0.1.zip 1.0.1 8.22 MB 06/23/2017


Part Order Number Description Operating Temperature Packaging Type Buy from Distributor
WM828CC6-E6QT Module (-30°C to +85°C) Tray Buy Now
WM828CC6-E6QR Module (-30°C to +85°C) Reel Buy Now
WADB-2458-23-SMAM Anetnna (-40°C to +85°C) - Buy Now
WACC-MHF4-SMAF-100-113 Connector Cable (-40°C to +85°C) - Buy Now
WM828CC6-EVK6 Evaluation Kit (-30°C to +85°C) Kit Buy Now
WM828CC6-DVK6 Evaluation Board, i.Mx development Board (with powersupply and data cable), Dual Band Rubber-Duck Antenna, Drivers, Software and Application Notes (-30°C to +85°C) Kit Buy Now
WM828CC6-M2-1216-E6QT M.2 1216 Module (-30°C to +85°C) Tray Buy Now
WM828CC6-M2-1216-E6QR M.2 1216 Module (-30°C to +85°C) Reel Buy Now
WM828CC6-M2-1216-EVK6 M.2 1216 Module Evaluation Kit (-30°C to +85°C) Kit Buy Now
WM828CC6-M2-2230-E6QT M.2 2230 Module (-30°C to +85°C) Tray Buy Now
WM828CC6-M2-2230-E6QR M.2 2230 Module (-30°C to +85°C) Reel Buy Now
WM828CC6-M2-2230-EVK6 M.2 2230 Module Evaluation Kit (-30°C to +85°C) Kit Buy Now