MCU Embedded | Wireless MCU Modules

MCU Embedded Series Modules

These highly integrated, low power, high performance MCU Embedded - ME series modules are targeted for enabling the end user to write their applications directly on the device and avoid using external MCU. These Modules are fully integrated with an ultra-low-power microcontroller as an application processor and a built-in wireless subsystem. These Fully self-contained modules with integrated wireless stack simplifies the work of adding wireless connectivity to the products. These modules support both hostless operations as well as hoste based systems. These fully integrated modules are the ideal solutions for those seeking to develop portable health care devices, wearable sports and fitness devices, AV remote controls, computer keyboards & mice, gaming controllers and access control and any IoT devices without any RF knowledge or experience.

Ultra-Low Power Modules

Ultra Low Power

Integrated/Embedded Microcontroller Wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Combo) Modules

Integrated MCU

High Throughput (datarate) Modules

High Speed Data

integrated/embedded antenna wireless modules

Integrated Antenna

ultra small modules

Small Form Factor

These Hosteless Wireless modules with integrated microcontroller (MCU) come as plug and play devices by integrating all the necessary wireless hardware into a small foot print. These embedded architecture modules run a real time operating system with integrated royalty-free wireless Protocol Stack, Network stack, security supplicants and application APIs inside the device. An integrated development environment (IDE) will be provided for the designer for ease of use. Main advantages with this architecture is reduced cost and complexity for the end user since wireless protocols and RF design are already taken care of. With such level of integration low power consumption can be easily achieved and short time-to-market is definate. These modules are completely self-contained with or without antenna and doesn’t need an external MCU. They also come with USB, SPI and UART interfaces if needed to talk to external MCU. These fully certified (FCC, IC, CE) modules supports variety of applications in IoT and M2M markets with reduced size, cost and time-to-market.

Module Protocols Antenna Dimensions Certification
802.11 a/b/g/n + Bluetooth 5.0 + 802.15.4 On board Trace Antenna 30.5 mm x 20.5 mm x 1.86 mm On going
Bluetooth 4.1/BLE On board Chip Antenna 8 mm x 12 mm x 1.85 mm On going