Wi2Wi announces the W2SW0025 WLAN Module for Emerging, Consumer, Industrial and Automotive M2M and IOT Applications

Toronto, Ontario - Wi2Wi Corporation (Wi2Wi or the Company) a leading global developer and manufacturer of wireless connectivity solutions, high precision frequency control devices, timing devices, and microwave filter devices is pleased to announce release of the W2SW0025 addressing the M2M and IoT markets.

W2SW0025 is a State-of-the-Art, commercial, extended and Industrial-operating temperature range, single band 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n, 1 x 1 SISO, high throughput module, based on the leading edge, newly introduced and proven Marvell's wireless LAN chip.

The W2SW0025 offers an SDIO 2.0 and USB 2.0 host interface for easy connection to all leading 32 bit processors running Linux and Android operating systems. The highly integrated W2SW0025 provides all necessary circuitry for a complete 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n solution requiring no other components other than the user's choice of antenna and power supply. Along with the optimised BOM theW2SW0025 is fully certified to FCC/IC/CE reducing application implementation costs even further for the user. With a small form factor, the W2SW0025 also supports deep sleep and standby modes for low power operation.

W2SW0025 specification sheet, device samples and evaluation boards are available now.

"Wi2Wi has identified in the wireless connectivity application space the relentless need for cost effective, increased performance, functionality, lower power, and limited space demands which the W2SW0025 is the first in a series of new products addressing these needs, no more so than in the rapidly growing M2M and IoT applications" said Zach Matthews, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Wi2Wi.

For further information, please contact:
Zachariah Mathews
President and Chief Executive Officer
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