BLE Module (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1/Bluetooth Smart/BTLE)


WC7220B0 from Wi2Wi's MCU Embedded (ME) Series is a Host-Less Single-Mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1/Bluetooth Smart) module with integrated chip antenna. This self-contained Bluetooth LE module with on-board microcontroller, embedded BTLE 4.1 stack and application profiles enables the system to connect to any smartphone/tablet or any other BLE enabled devices in a Personal Area Network (PAN). WC7220B0 being one of the industries smallest BLE module is a subsystem that includes MCU, MAC, baseband, RF front-end, LNA, PA, crystals, filter and EEPROM. This ultra low power BLE module with multiple Power-down modes consumes as low as nano amps which provides excellent battery life and can be powered with a small coin cell battery like CR2032. Extra memory in WC7220B0 hostless module will enable the system developers to write user application programs and eliminate the need for any external Microcontroller. Additionally, interfaces such as UART, I2C, GPIOs with Analog, Digital and PWM functionality are also available to communicate with external peripherals and sensors. WC7220B0 is FCC, CE and IC certified and comes in extended temperature grade; -30°C to +85°C.


  • Smallest BLE module with dimension 8 mm x 12 mm x 1.85 mm
  • Standalone Bluetooth v4.1/BLE (Bluetooth Smart)
  • Bluetooth v4.1 specification
  • 1 Analog IO, 12 Programmable Digital IOs, and PWM
  • 128KB memory: 64KB RAM and 64KB ROM
  • 512Kb EEPROM for firmware, Application code and MAC address storage.
  • Integrated antenna tuned for best RX performance
  • Excellent RX sensitivity (RSSI) up to -92.5 dBm
  • Maximum transmit power (TXPWR) up to 8 dBm
  • Interfaces supported: UART, I2C
  • 1.8V DC - 3.6V DC power supply operation
  • Ultra-low power consumption, Dormant mode power <900nA
  • Compact, robust design for easy integration
  • Certifications: FCC, IC, CE (In progress)
  • Supports full operation in extended operating temperature range (-30°C to +85°C)

Block Diagram

Certification Testing is Ongoing
  • FCC
  • IC
  • CE
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • M2M (Machine-to-Machine)
  • HID: keyboards, mice, touchpads, remote controls, etc.
  • Sport/fitness sensors: heart-rate, run/bicycle speed, etc.
  • Health sensors: blood pressure, thermometer, glucose meters, etc.
  • Mobile accessories: smart watches, proximity sensors, alert tags, camera controls, etc.
  • Smart home, smart energy: heating/lighting control, etc.
  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Internet enabled consumer devices
  • Medical monitoring and sensing equipment


Bluetooth Version: 4.1,Low Energy (BLE) or BT Smart
Bluetooth Data Rates: 1Mbps: GFSK Modulation (BR)
Module Includes: 32kHz and 16MHz crystal
Maximum Transmit Power: 8dBm
Receive Sensitivity: -92.5 dBm


Development Kit

Part Ordering: WC7220B0-DVK2
The WC7220B0 Development kit (WC7220B0-DVK2) is a plug and play system which comes with a black box demo. It enables customer to evaluate, integrate and develop software for their end system. The Kit comes with WC7220B0 Development board, WC7220B0 Debugger, USB cables and all necessary tools. The related collateral explains one click demo program and other sample programs which customer can leverage to their end applications.

Software & Documentation

Particulars File Version Size Last Updated
Product Brief WC7220B0_Product_Brief.pdf 1.0 564 KB 12/30/2016
Data Sheet WC7220B0_Datasheet.pdf 0.03 1.28 MB 12/30/2016
Development Kit Flyer WC7220B0-DVK2_Flyer.pdf 1.0 708 KB 12/30/2016
Software User Guide WC7220B0_Software_UserGuide.pdf 0.02 1.58 MB 12/30/2016
Hardware Integration Guide WC7220B0_Hardware_Integration_Guide.pdf 0.02 1.32 MB 12/30/2016
Software Development Kit 2.6 123 MB 12/30/2016


Part Order Number Description Antenna Operating Temperature Packaging Type Buy from Distributor
WC7220B0-E2QT Module Chip (-30°C to +85°C) Tray Buy Now
WC7220B0-E2QR Module Chip (-30°C to +85°C) Reel Buy Now
WC7220B0-DVK2 WC7220B0 Development Kit with software development environment Chip (-30°C to +85°C) Kit Buy Now